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When water bills run unnaturally high, it’s usually a sign that there’s a hidden leak in your plumbing. Our team of experienced plumbers efficiently inspects your pipes and detects your hidden leak to help save you money. We are experts in water leak detection services in Riverside and San Bernardino County.

Signs of a Water Leak

Some common signs of water leaks in the home are:

  • High water bills
  • Signs of moisture on floors, ceilings, and/or walls
  • Warm spots on floors
  • Water pooling in yards
  • Active signs of water around fixtures, toilets, and under sinks

Water leaks can result in spikes in water bills, water damage to the home, and mold growth. If left unattended, a slow leak can cost homeowners time and money for repairs.

If you suspect a water leak, conduct a preliminary test and contact a water leak detection specialist to diagnose, find, and repair the leak fast.

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  • Turn off all faucets in your home and listen carefully; you may hear water running, signifying an in-home water leak.
  • Do not use water for a span of two hours. Check your water meter at the beginning of this time, and at the end.
  • With all water sources off in the home, see if your leak detector (on your water meter) is registering a leak.
  • Turn off the water main and watch the water meter. If it moves, you likely have an outdoor leak.

Cisneros Brothers Plumbing uses the latest in plumbing technology to pinpoint the precise location of the water leak. We will provide a detailed estimate for steps to repair the leak and help customers prevent future leaks.

Plumbing Fixture Leaks

Leaking fixtures are usually easy to spot. Homeowners can catch leaks early by routinely monitoring faucets, showerheads, and water shutoff supply valves under sinks and toilets. Check for signs of water and/or moisture near fixtures, but also on ceilings underneath bathrooms or second-floor kitchens. Slow leaks can lead to major water damage if left unattended.


Once on-site, the Cisneros Brothers Plumbing team will determine the best course of action to diagnose and repair the water leak.

Toilet Leaks

Toilets can leak inside of the tank, form the tank to the bowl, from the base of the toilet and at the toilet water supply valve. Running toilets are the biggest indicator of a toilet leak, and should be checked as soon as it becomes noticeable.

However, toilet leaks can go unnoticed for long periods of time, while steadily increasing water bills. If there are no obvious signs of a leak, but you have a high water bill, consider calling a specialist to check for a slow toilet leak.

If the toilet is leaking from the base, it indicates the main sewer line clog and will need a drain specialist to diagnose the proper method for clearing the line.

Lastly, check the water supply valve and water supply line leading to the toilet. Our expert plumbers recommend changing these valves anytime they are disconnected, or every 5 to 7 years. They can burst due to age and water pressure fluctuations that could lead to flooding.

Slab Leak Detection

Excessive water bills or sudden spikes in water use, warm spots on flooring, mildew or mold growth in baseboards or walls, and sounds of running water when no fixture is in use are all signs of a possible slab leak.

A slab leak is a water leak in the pipes under the foundation of the home and can occur because of the age of pipes, water pressure fluctuations, or natural shifting in the earth.

Slab leak detection is highly specialized and should be performed by an experienced professional. Cisneros Brothers Plumbing uses state of the art electronic leak location equipment and our team is trained in pinpointing the exact location of the leak.

It is important to be precise, as misdiagnosis of the location could affect the repair options and change the scope of work and cost.

Interior & Exterior Water Leaks

Leaking pipes in the wall or ceilings cannot be located by electronic equipment and require expert knowledge in troubleshooting and expertise. Our team can visually inspect the signs of the leak, check the water meter, and determine quickly where the leak is coming from and how best to repair the line.

Exterior leaks are generally easier to spot by pooling water on the ground, and drips outside of hose faucets. Exterior leaks should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid foundation damage or expensive repairs.

Cisneros Brothers Plumbing offers convenient scheduling, experienced specialists, and the most comprehensive water leak detection services in Riverside and San Bernardino County. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and can help solve even the hardest to find leaks. Call Us Today!