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Cisneros Bro's Plumbing
Core Values
Honesty, In all dealing, anyone caught, lying, cheating taking short cuts, stealing.
(Example) some one knows who did damage to the hydro Jeter, but yet no one will omit to the damage. Covering for somebody else mistakes, not reporting all problems or concerns to management, is considered with holding information.
Growth, We always speak highly of the company, always be recruiting looking for good assets that can help enhance the company. The Grass is not always greener on the other side, Self improvements! You have to want it; don't wait for someone to tell you how to better yourself or how to increase your value. We want to promote from within the company. Our best assets have been home grown.
Quality, Do it right the 1st time so we do not have to do it again. It is in the day, we are in a hurry to clean up or get the job done, we miss a step or get called back to fix what could have been prevented if we would have double checked our work, (QC) quality control. Or if we do not fully understand the Job or task at hand, instead of taking the companies time to figure out how to do it right, call the expert within the company that can properly assist you. Speak up say something, don't be embarrassed.
Can Do Spirit, Complaining and looking at all the reasons why something is wrong opposed to why it is possible. No Negativity here. This will slow down. We believe in the power of Yes. If you don;t ask you will not get. The Tools provided for you by CB plumbing is to help with up sell opportunities. We are looking at the big picture. These practices are consistently changing so we can stay current with the trends and stay one step ahead of the industry. There is a reason for everything, if you can think of a better way right it down. Do not be the person with a lot of input and very little output.
Team Work, No man left behind, Are you the person that is lifting people up or bringing them down> Rooting for someone to fail is not being a team player, Not showing someone how to succeed or how to do it the Cisneros Way is not being a team player. Teach the new hire or even the veterans that been on the team one. For Managers we get things done through other people and we always inspect what we expect.